Alex Rutar



Files linked as direct .pdf files are typically the most updated versions with the fewest typos. This is sometimes ahead of the arXiv file, though the numbering and content will be identical in the limit.

  1. Assouad-type dimensions of overlapping self-affine sets
    With: Jonathan M. Fraser
    Journal: Preprint (submitted)
    Links: pdfarxiv
  2. Attainable forms of Assouad spectra
    Journal: Preprint (submitted)
    Links: pdfarxiv
  3. Attainable forms of intermediate dimensions
    With: Amlan Banaji
    Journal: Ann. Fenn. Math. 47 (2022), 939-960
    Links: pdfdoiarxiv
  4. A multifractal decomposition for self-similar measures with exact overlaps
    Journal: Preprint (submitted)
    Links: pdfarxiv
  5. Local dimensions of self-similar measures satisfying the Finite Neighbour Condition
    With: Kathryn E. Hare
    Journal: Nonlinearity 35 (2022), 4876-4904
    Links: pdfdoiarxiv
  6. Geometric and combinatorial properties of self-similar multifractal measures
    Journal: Ergod. Theory Dyn. Syst. (to appear)
    Links: pdfdoiarxiv
  7. When the Weak Separation Condition implies the Generalized Finite Type Condition
    With: Kathryn E. Hare, Kevin G. Hare
    Journal: Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 149 (2021), 1555-1568
    Links: pdfdoiarxiv


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